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Which is the world’s fastest car?


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It is common to hear that cars are no longer a luxury but a necessity. But, so is speed. With work, population and traffic ever increasing, so is the need for speed. I’m not referring to the game but the need for it in real life. With constant rush and fatigue, fast activities are bound to give a kick to work harder. Let’s about the world’s fastest car.

You really need to update your information  if you think that the world’s fastest car is Bugatti Veyron. Currently, the world’s fastest car is Koenigsegg Agera Beats. It is rightfully called as a seven figure supercar produced by the Swedish. It has easily been able to hit 284 m.p.h.

Interestingly, it has crushed the world’s fastest airliner as well and is priced at “only” 2.1 million dollars. What must compel you to opt for this purchase is that it also has your safety assured with the presence of special aerodynamic aids.

The second fastest and high speed car in the world is Hennessey Venom GT. Bugatti Veyron retains itself on the list as the third world’s fastest car.