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Why did Drona, Kripa and Bheeshma remained quiet during the disrobing of Draupadi?


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Phenomenal inquiry. Girl in law was getting stripped and the seniors of the family were quiet!! Unusual, right?

  • How about we see what can be the potential purposes for their quietness:
  • Most importantly, draupadi and Pandavas were won by Duryodhan and not Karna. So they were not Karna's slaves.  
  • We can comprehend if older folks were quiet when duryodhana or dushasan were stating something since they were relatives and Pandavas and Draupadi were genuinely won by them.  
  • Yet, here, Karna was offending draupadi and Karna provided request to disrob draupadi not duryodhana.  
  • In fact, Karna was an untouchable and he reserved no option to affront draupadi or to provide request to disrob her.  
  • So older folks like bheeshma, drona, Vidura and so on reserved each option to stop Karna yet they didn't.(Vidura talked subsequent to uncovering, he didn't attempt to quit stripping however he was stressed over draupadi's inquiry and didn't make reference to undressing even once)  
  • Something else is that Karna didn't provide any exceptional request to disrob draupadi, he provided request to take upper pieces of clothing of draupadi and Pandavas in light of the fact that slaves were not permitted to wear upper articles of clothing. Presently draupadi wore upper article of clothing is expressly referenced in one spot.  
  • So we can infer that older folks were quiet in light of the fact that might be the subjugation was reasonable and Karna's assessment was right ( actually not ethically ).  

Stripping is an introduction (conceivably):

  • Most importantly, undressing of draupadi has not a solitary cross reference.
  • No one referenced it second time.  
  • During the outcast, draupadi explicitly referenced that she was hauled however she didn't specify anything about undressing.  
  • At the hour of Karna's passing, krishna accused Karna just for chuckling for draupadi yet not for providing request to disrob her.  
  • Karna himself apologized for his brutal words towards Pandavas yet not for draupadi.  
  • Numerous researchers of bori accept that uncovering is an insertion and in the event that you read records of bori, they even said that they couldn't eliminate this occurrence since it's present in pretty much every form.  
  • Vastraharan doesn't have any notice even in Bhasa's play dutavadkyam which was composed around first century.  



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