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can you baptize yourself?


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What is Baptism?

We often say ‘the baptism in the Holy Spirit.’ It is nothing but a new covenant gift from the Father. It is a promise for those Christ-followers who follows the walk of the successful Christian walk. They believe that they cannot be fully free from sin without the Holy Spirit. And the absence of the Holy Spirit in them cannot help them prove effective to the Gospel.

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Can you baptize yourself? How to baptize, if it is possible?

Well, it is not possible to baptize yourself. Jesus is the reason who is the only Baptizer in the Spirit. Indeed, self baptism is not possible but you can yourself receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Father will give you baptism if you request with full faith for the Holy Spirit. You may have noticed people laying on of hands for receiving the Holy Spirit. It is optional. The main thing required is the full faith in you to receive the baptism from the Father.

How to baptize someone at home?

Well, baptism can be performed anywhere in the world. So yes, baptism can be performed at home. You need to search for an ordained priest who is capable of performing sacrament. Some churches consider appointed ministers eligible for baptizing someone at home. However, it is a belief that anyone can help baptize someone at home if the whole process gets performed spiritually. Sometimes the person being baptized is asked to stand in the water beside the one who helps in baptizing. The sprinkling of water on the is the same as standing in the water. The sacraments, blessings, and scripture are all discussed before entering into the process of baptism.


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Baptism is a religious ceremony where water is sprinkled on a persons forehead or immersing in water for a short time as a symbol of washing away sin.This ritual is also used to admit a non –Christian into Christianity . According to the Bible, the first baptism occurred with Jesus,when he was baptized in the River Jordan by his disciple John

No, you cannot baptize yourself as its a purification ceremony.

In the Latin Church of the Catholic Church, a bishop, priest, or deacon can only perform the baptism , in any other circumstances, the parish priest of the person can only do it or by someone authorized by the priest to do so.



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