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How do you make ≠ (not equal) sign on keyboard?


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Snap on the Start symbol (lower left corner of the screen).  
  • Select All or "Programs" from the Start menu.
  • Snap on the menu checked "Extras"; at that point click on the menu stamped "Framework Tools."
  • Select "Character Map." This opens another window with a rundown of numerous characters. Discover the not-equivalent sign situated around 66% of the route down the rundown.
  • Snap on the sign at that point press "Select" at the base of the window. This duplicates the sign into the content box by the "Select" button. After it shows up in the content box, click "Duplicate" button.
  • Open whatever program you'd prefer to put the sign in and press "Control/V" on your console to glue in the sign.

Letsdiskuss ( Image : google ) 

  • Long press down the "option " key and select the key with the equivalents ("=") sign; this progressions it to the not-equivalent ("≠") sign.


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