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How to do preparations for board exams?


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Board Exams are the most important part of every student. some of the most important tips for board exams will get you in below video:I hope the video will helpful for you

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I used to do late night studies after taking a two hours break then I again used wake up early in the morning at 4 or 5 AM. 

Study all the chapters, pick important questions, depending on marks calculate the pattern of marks and divide question accordingly. As per my opinion, avoid checking last yrs question paper. I think it is a waste of time. Instead of that focus on completing your syllabus. 


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CBSE has already released the date sheet for board exams, and all the students have started suffering from the exam fever.

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While those who have always scored average are worrying about studying seriously, the toppers are preparing themselves for studying for long hours continuously. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Geography, History, Economics, Accounts…. the list these days is rising up like a giant in front of the students appearing for board exams this session.

When it comes to the preparations, moms are no less than warriors and are all equipped with the tools to keep their kids facilitated, from Horlicks to good scolding. So the department of keeping you focused is all sorted. Now what’s left is the strategic planning of your syllabus so that no topic is left unstudied, or even unrevised when the exam time knocks your door.

You can follow the given tips to plan and study with decision and precision and score high.

Self-study is the most important thing at this time. If you have relied on your school and tuition lasses the whole year, it’s time to switch to yourself for the lessons. By now, the syllabus in both your institution and institute must have finished, the notes and important remarks have been given. So it’s the time when you start studying everything by yourself and see where exactly do you stand without any aid.

• Although self-study is the most important thing you need right now, you should not entirely give up on your mentors. Keep seeing your school and coaching classes teachers every once in a while for getting your queries resolved. With every query, they will give you an insight, something related to previous examinations and will make you aware of the new tricks you can use in exams.

• Schedule all the days you have before exams, deciding a tentative deadline for each subject and every topic. This will help you avoid last minute confusions.

• Keep at least a week prior to exams only and only for revision, diagrams, tables, etc.

• Make short notes for the concepts that should be on your tips. Keep referring to these notes in your free time.


• Do not forget to devote some time for recreation every day.

• Do not compromise on food or sleep. In fact, sit to study only when you are not feeling sleepy or hungry at all.

• Explain the difficult concepts to your family members so that you can make out, where the more attention is needed.

• Cover the easier and more scoring topics before.

• Keep talking to your friends once in a while to get updates about the syllabus. It is the best way you can use technology and social media at this moment.

• Do fix a time for checking your WhatsApp. Other than this fixed time, avoid using it, along with Facebook and Instagram.


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