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Satindra Chauhan

| Posted on | entertainment

What is bad about a micro skirt?


Micro Skirts are basically short skirts that are even shorter than mini skirts. The length of the skirt is less than 8 inches and is worn by teenage girls and women with perfect body shape.


Generally, micro skirts are worn by cheer girls or singers in any concert. The upper part of the thigh is seen if a micro skirt is worn. Wearing a micro skirt is fine if you are comfortable with it and are confident enough to carry it.




Micro Skirts are so short that your underwear is visible and that’s why sometimes women wear short pants under them to hide underwear and sometimes they don’t wear any type of pants. It’s the dressing sense of different women and how they will wear it. But there are several problems with a micro skirt.


The first problem is shaving, that is you have to shave your leg till the skirt is lining. One of the main problems is that it consumes a lot of your time which is very difficult to do.



When you are wearing a mini skirt or a micro skirt you’re sitting and walking styles are restricted. You have to remain very conscious about your sitting posture and movement as it's very short. You can’t move freely with a micro skirt.




Also, you have to wear pantyhose if you wear micro skirts. So, it feels very uncomfortable wearing a hose, and also those are very expensive. So, it is better to wear a long skirt instead.



If you wear a micro skirt, the whole attention of other people goes towards your legs and not towards your personality. It is very disturbing at the same time if people will continuously stare at your legs



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