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Shivam Khare

Student | Posted 28 Mar, 2021 |

Does Mintlyfe patch work for weight loss?

adiz connect

manager | Posted 07 Apr, 2021

it does work 

aakansha Tejwani

student | Posted 05 Apr, 2021

Mintlyfe sweat patches are the type of removable patches applied to one’s body part to reduce the weight and fat of that area. According to the company, this patch leads to a sudden weight change due to increased metabolism which causes burning and reduction of fat. This patch also claims improved blood circulation resulting in weight loss.

As claimed by the company, this patch makes drastic changes but as per reviews of people who have used it, this patch doesn’t seem to be useful for these people. many people consider it has hoax and doesn’t makes any change but is the marketing of the business to the people who don’t want to work out and instantly reduce the weight. There are many other companies selling this patch by different names while no patch is proved to be useful. All companies have the same ingredients and descriptions and also similar-sounding names. The reason why they are being sold is that lie under the category of dietary supplements which do not have to meet all the medical prescriptions by the FDA (Food and drug administration). So these do not have proof if they work and also not tested by the government before being sold in the market.
There is no short cut to weight loss. Many things are available to aid weight loss but it can be majorly done by proper exercise and diet and a good lifestyle.
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